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School Philosophy

Our Belief and Commitment

At Inglewood School we believe in providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment where every student is supported in striving to reach full potential in their social, emotional, and academic lives.

We are student-centered and believe that every child is an individual who develops in a unique way.

We actively engage our diverse community of learners on their journey of continuous growth, to become global citizens and leaders in our changing world. Our school community respects diversity, commits to anti-racism and equity, and fosters a sense of belonging.

Education requires a cooperative and collaborative team effort involving students, staff, parents and community.

At Inglewood School we believe:

● all children have the right to develop to their full potential and, in doing so, become productive members of society

● every child is a special student who develops at their own rate and learns in their own unique way

● in maintaining a respectful learning and working environment conducive to learning